How to Choose the Right Insurance Agent for You

Choosing the right insurance agent is an important decision. It can be difficult to find the right person to help you with your insurance needs, but there are certain qualities that all good insurance agents share. Location is an important factor to consider when selecting an agent, but it is not the only one. An independent broker or agent is a great option if you want to compare quotes and offers from multiple companies.

A good broker should be familiar with the rate-setting guidelines of different insurers and be able to guide you to the one that offers the best coverage at the best price. If you don't have an agent or broker in mind, ask your lawyer, accountant, friends, family, and business associates for recommendations. You can also contact members of the National Association of Financial and Insurance Advisors (NAIFA), who subscribe to a Code of Ethics. When it comes to life insurance, you may want to speak with an agent or broker before making a decision.

Permanent life insurance is more expensive and complex than term life insurance. If you're considering becoming an insurance agent, there are certain qualities you'll need to possess in order to be successful. These include strong communication skills, knowledge of the industry, and a commitment to customer service. Insurance agents who use deception to close deals rarely stay with the same company for long and may even face legal consequences. When purchasing life insurance, it's important to have someone available to answer your questions after the policy has been purchased.

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